Wednesday, February 17, 2010


      One of my Facebook friends, who happens to be a motivational speaker, contributes a daily inspirational comment on the wall. Her thought for today is, “Winter is on its way out. Shovel what you can to clear the sidewalk of your life. Spring - and new growth - is coming soon...look for the new opportunities budding in your life.” That is a good idea anytime.
      I have proof that she is correct regarding the departure of Old Man Winter. Although there is still a foot of snow on the ground, and it is piled up six feet deep along the highways, there are some places where it is not so deep, e.g., sheltered spots or places where the wind has blown it away. In some of those spots, the daffodils and crocuses are beginning to poke through. I can hardly wait.
      For inspiration, however, one need look no further than the Winter Olympic Games now showing on NBC. Take your cue from the kids – skaters, skiers, snowboarders, etc. – who have worked their butts off for years, only to get to the games and fall down on their first time out. In a split second, their hopes for gold are gone. Heartbroken though they must be, invariably they get up and finish their event.
      And consider the decision of the fellow Olympians of the Georgian Luger, who was accidentally killed during a practice run, to finish the competition.
      I can think of nothing more inspirational.

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