Friday, November 19, 2010

Vacation Time

     I will be offline, or perhaps I should say “unplugged” for the next three weeks. We are leaving Sunday to drive to Georgetown, Texas, where we will visit friends over Thanksgiving. On Black Friday we will drive with our friends to Galveston, where we will see the sights on Saturday, the 27th, and on Sunday we will take a cruise to Cozumel, Belize and Honduras. After the cruise we will drive home.
     Check back for more blogging about December 13th. In the meantime, if you get bored, buy the book.
     The fact that there is a great deal of controversy regarding the physical creation as outlined in the book of Genesis is not new, and the disagreement will probably continue for a long time, perhaps forever. So I will ignore the details of physical creation and concentrate on the spiritual matters related in that wise book.
     The Wisdom of Genesis – The Spirit Runs Through It.

The book or a free download is available in paperback or on Kindle.

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