Monday, March 21, 2011

Wanted - 535 Good Men

     Please take a good look at this list:
03/24/1998 Jonesboro, AR 5 11
04/20/1999 Littleton, CO 15 24
03/12/2005 Brookfield, WI 8 4
03/21/2005 Red Lake, MN 10 5
01/31/2006 Goleta, CA 7 1
10/02/2006 Nickel Mines, PA 5 5
02/12/2007 Salt Lake City, UT 5 4
04/16/2007 Blacksburg, VA 33 25
12/05/2007 Omaha, NE 9 4
02/07/2008 Kirkwood, MO 5 2
02/14/2008 Dekalb, IL 6 18
04/03/2009 Binghamton, NY 14 4
11/05/2009 Fort Hood, TX 13 30
01/07/2010 St. Louis, MO 4 5
01/08/2011 Tucson, AZ 6 14
     This is a small sample of gun related massacres in recent years in the United States. The numbers in the two right hand columns refer to the number of dead and wounded.
     In the Tucson shooting a United States Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, was seriously wounded, along with 13 other innocent bystanders. A U.S. District judge, a community outreach director and a nine year old girl were among the six bystanders who were killed.
     The weapon used was a 9mm Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol with a 33-round magazine.
     I would love to have someone answer the question, “Outside of the military and law enforcement organizations, why does anyone need a semi-automatic or automatic assault weapon?” These weapons are designed for only one purpose: to kill people. No sane person hunts, or even shoots targets with them.
     We license those other deadly weapons, automobiles, and legislate the specifications under which they are allowed to be used. We ban unsafe ones from the highway. When are our legislators going to grow the stones to exercise similar controls over weapons of deadly force? How many people need to die before our Washington pea-brains decide to do what's right and tell the NRA where to stick their bribes?
     The first two of these constructs includes all physical entities; things that occupy a volume of space, however small or large, and exist for a period of time, however short or long. They include entities as small as a subatomic particle which can be detected only by a vapor trail in a cloud chamber, or as large as the entire physical universe.
     Because these entities have extension in space and time, I define these constructs as external, and divide them into an external individual construct (EI) and an external group construct (EG).
     When we observe an individual person’s appearance or activities, a fish, a tree or an auto we are referring to a member of the EI construct. The EI construct also includes physical entities that are usually hidden from view, e.g., a neuron, a kidney, an atom within a rock, an undetected comet in deep space, etc.
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