Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Inmates Are Running The Asylum

     The decision to raise the debt limit of the United States Government should be a no-brainer, but the idiots in Washington seem to be unable to rise to that level. When a person, organization, and especially a nation makes a promise to pay, one should be able to expect that promise to be kept. Is it asking too much to assume the United States will pay your government bond when it comes due?
     I find it hard to see the difference between demanding concessions for keeping one's word, and someone who takes a hostage and demands money for a safe return - both are bandits! This whole thing reminds me of little boys holding a pissing contest behind the barn.
     I know there are legitimate arguments concerning government revenues and expenditures, tax reforms, entitlements, discretionary items, jobs, recession, wars, and a host of other subjects, but whether or not to throw the government into default is not one of them. Most of them should be settled during the budgetary and appropriations processes.
     Of course, these jerks are following the number one rule of politics: get elected, and all the posturing is for the benefit of the folks back home who will be doing the electing. But as one of the folks back home, I am more favorably impressed by the few who are honestly trying to find a way to get the job done, regardless of their party affiliation.
     Why do we keep electing these other idiots?
     Not surprisingly, most locker room humor finds a home in this [distortion of body parts] category. In fact, any joke fitting this category is almost by definition risqué, if not actually lewd.
     However, I have managed to find a couple of rather long examples that avoid “potty mouth” language and sexual situations, although because of the delicate nature of the settings, I suggest you consider them rated TVMA14 - D.
     Distortion of Body Parts – There Are Only Seven Jokes

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