Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pivotal Points In Military History (Part 1)

     The retirement community which I call home is presenting four seminars on the title subject of this blog entry. I attended the first, Flight 93, last Monday. The movie on A & E was nominated for eight Primetime Emmys, and won two of them. If you have not seen it, you should.
     It is the story of one of the four ill-fated airliners that were hijacked by Muslim terrorists on September 11, 2001. Three of them hit their intended targets, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but thanks to heroic efforts by the passengers, Flight 93 missed its intended target, believed to be either the National Capitol or the White House.
     Through cellphone calls to their families, the passengers learn about the fates of the other three planes, and it gradually dawns on them that they are also on a flight destined to end in death. The scenes go back and forth between the passengers, their families, and the authorities, and the pressure to do something builds along with the tension.
     The passengers finally decide to use one of the plane's service carts to ram the pilots' cabin and try to take over the controls. When they finally put their plan into action, the amateur terrorist pilot loses control as they crash through the door, and the plane slams into the ground near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
     The last words to the ground are to the wife of the passenger who is leading the charge: “Let's roll.”
     The movie is available on DVD, and I should warn you to have two handkerchiefs ready when you watch it.
     Our next session is a talk by the watch supervisor of the Pittsburgh International Airport control tower and radar room on 9/11/01. I will keep you posted.
     My books, “There Are Only Seven Jokes” and “The Spirit Runs Through It” are available in paperback, or at the Kindle Store.

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