Monday, May 14, 2012

Same-sex Marriage

As Americans, it seems as if we always need something, usually sexual, to get all worked up over. Last month it was the young lady who testified about the need to have contraceptives covered by medical insurance. It seems to me that if “ceptives” such as Viagra and Cialis are covered, it is only fair to cover their “contras.” It's fairly obvious that the healthcare law is written by men – women's needs are excluded.
But this month the concern is about same-sex marriage. Now I know that the Bible says that says that homosexuality is an abomination, but it also says the same thing about eating shellfish. So I would be more impressed by the Biblical argument if those who are fighting so adamantly against same-sex marriage were to campaign just as vigorously against the crab and lobster industry.
What about the argument that same-sex marriage will destroy conventional marriage? I doubt that I would love my wife any less if the couple next door to me turned out to be married lesbians. Nor would I care.
But of course, this is far more important than job losses, Israeli/Arab tensions, expansion of nuclear capabilities, climate change, the Presidential election, etc., isn't it?
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