Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Get In the Game, Coach

Although I have been an Obama fan since 2008, there are a few things happening, or not happening, in his administration that leave me wondering if I have been backing the wrong horse. Not that I wish I had voted for John McCain or Mitt Romney, but I wonder if some other liberal might have been a better choice, although I have no idea who that would be.
Today’s headlines indicate that Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, has been chosen to fall on her sword for the problems facing the 2010 Affordable Care Act web site. Although she says she gave the President regular reports on the progress of the program, she is ultimately responsible for the problems.
This is true to some extent, but whatever happened to Harry Truman’s sign, “The Buck Stops Here?” Apparently it has been replaced by one that says, “It’s not my responsibility.”
The second thing that has me concerned is the NSA’s insistence that the President was not informed about the bugging of government communications of Germany, the U.K. and other U.S. allies. If this is true, it begs the question, “If the leader didn’t know about it, then why do it?” It seems to me that the reason for having such information is to help him lead.
If it’s not true, then the transparency we were promised in 2008 has become very cloudy indeed.
The circling sharks smell blood, although it is diluted with their own.
The President reminds me of a football coach who is busy playing with his Xbox instead of watching the game. Look up, Barack, and pay attention.
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