Saturday, August 18, 2012

People I Have Forgiven

I am enjoying retirement so much that I have taken to heart a bit of advice from the Talmud: "Live well. It is the best revenge." Accordingly, I hereby forgive all the people who have “done me wrong” over the past 80+ years. Although a few of these events were done deliberately, most of them were so minor that the perpetrators never knew they hurt me.
The following is a list of a few that I remember. If I missed any, I intend for them to be on the list:

The grade school kid who won all my marbles in just five minutes.
The other grade school kid who made me look ridiculous in a “friendly” rough-house on the playground.
The classmate who won the lead in the junior high play. I wanted that part because it including holding hands with the female lead.
Another classmate who beat the crap out of me in a boxing match in gym class.
The fellow soldier who told everybody he thought I was queer. (Gay in today's parlance.)
The boss who fired me on Friday afternoon, then hired me back on a lesser job the following Monday.
The CPA who refused to sign off on my application for certification, even though I had single-handedly performed several audits for him.

I highly recommend following the Talmud's advice. It feels great!
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