Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catching Up With The Wonders Of Modern Chemistry

In June, 2010, I was having a problem with my right leg, and the doctor's diagnosis indicated that it was caused by a pinched nerve in my back. Consequently, it was determined that I needed a laminectomy, an operation to remove a small piece of bone in order to relieve the pressure on the nerve.
As far as the operation was concerned, everything went well, but for some reason my bladder stopped operating. It was never determined whether it was due to the procedure or the anesthetic, but in any event I had to learn to use a catheter. The function gradually improved over a three week period, which pretty much coincided with the length of time it took for me to become reasonably adept at performing this rather personal procedure.
One does not use a catheter without a lubricant, normally a water-based compound such as K-Y Jelly, so off I went to the pharmacy. To my surprise I discovered that lubrication is only one of the characteristics available in this product. (You must remember that I was 81 years of age at the time; I was not up-to-date on the wonders of modern chemistry.)
The helpful pharmacist suggested that perhaps I would like to try one of the variations that “enhance” the sensation. Or perhaps I would prefer a flavored variety.
After mentally reviewing how I planned to use the product, I quickly decided there was no way I wanted the sensation enhanced. He looked at me rather oddly when I asked him if there was a variety that would deaden the sensation. There wasn't.
A no-brainer - I opted for the plain vanilla, original, unenhanced, 

unflavored formulation.


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