Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Zipper Problems In High Places

     One of our biggest military heroes, General David Petraeus, has been caught with his literal pants down! Perhaps I am being naive, but I cannot understand how anyone, particularly a high-ranking government official, can get involved in sexual hanky-panky, and think he can get away with it. What would make Petraeus betray us? (OK, so they can't all be great.)
     I am reminded of the story of a little dog who was crossing the railroad tracks when a train came along and cut off his tail. When he turned around to look at it, another train came along and cut off his head. But he was not the first dog to lose his head over a piece of tail. Think of John Kennedy, Bill Clinton and John Edwards.
     With cell phones as ubiquitous as potato chips, privacy is a thing of the past in today's society.
     But when one is in a position of power or fame, thinking with the wrong head poses an even greater danger. For a man in Petraeus' position, head of the CIA, pillow talk can lead to an inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information. Think of Mata Hari.
     Even a politically non-threatening liaison can tempt the paramour to skyrocket to fame and fortune by means of book deals, television appearances or other modern social phenomena.
     Is adultery prohibited in the Armed Forces? Not specifically. Adultery in the military is actually prosecuted under Article 134, which is also known as the "General Article." Article 134 simply prohibits conduct which is of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces, or conduct which is prejudicial to good order and discipline.
     But aside from all that, there is the overwhelming presence of unfaithfulness. If the wife “stands by her man,” between them they can never overcome the presence of the elephant in the room: infidelity. Complete faith and trust is gone forever.
     When one promises to love, honor and cherish, committing adultery is literally throwing that promise into the trash bin; thereafter why would any promise be believed?
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