Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's Always Bah, Humbug Season In Washington

As I wrote on November 14, I have been having a hard time getting the cover of my book to print correctly. I have skipped writing for several days because I have spent most of my online time trying to get it straightened out. Now, by Jove, I think I’ve got it. I should know for sure by the end of the month.

On a different note: Some 50 or so years ago there was a novelty toy, the Ultimate Machine,  in circulation in the form of a small box with an electrical toggle switch on the side. When someone flicked the switch, the lid rose and an arm and hand reached out, flicked the switch off, and retreated back into the box, whereupon the lid closed. All this activity was accompanied by an irritating buzzing noise.
It seems to me this is a metaphor, admittedly rough, for political activity. Whenever something, such as a proposed program, becomes important to their constituents, our legislators spring into action, appear to be furiously doing something constructive while making loud noises, all the time trying to return to the status quo as quickly as possible.
Both parties are demonstrating this at the present time. The Democratic Party electorate wants a healthcare program passed. After convening numerous committee meetings, hearings, etc., the house finally passed such a bill, and the Senate is now about to consider a similar one. The objective is to return to the days not too long ago when the party could do no wrong in the eyes of its followers.
The Republicans, whose followers are against any tax increases, spending increases, and just about anything else, are putting on a great show by calling the healthcare plan a cover-up to conceal the desire of the Democrats to take away all our liberties, raise our taxes, and turn the country over to the socialists or fascists or whatever. Their objective is to get their constituents back to automatic head-nodding at whatever wild accusations they can invent.
It’s politics as usual.

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