Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sister Evelyn

Just as individuals need to be nudged into paths of proper behavior, so to do organizations. In individuals, this task is performed by a conscience; Sister Evelyn Houlroyd, who passed away on October 15th, performed that function at Luther Acres.
Born 89 years ago in Trenton, New Jersey, sister Evelyn moved to our community 10 years ago. At a young age she became a deaconess in the Lutheran Church in preference to becoming a teacher. It is safe to say she has been dedicating her entire life to Christ.
Never bashful in presenting her opinions, when she rose to speak at any meeting, the other attendees could be sure of two things: (1) Her deliberate and forthright Sunday School Teacher’s delivery was going to take a little time and, (2) somewhere along the way we had strayed and needed to be brought back onto what she felt was the correct path.
Whether a new conscience will soon appear at Luther Acres remains to be seen; it is a sure bet that it will not come from another Sister Evelyn. She will be greatly missed.

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