Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder

Here are a few stories from today’s local newspaper:

“Suspect in bat assault case headed to trial.” A homeowner caught a thief going through his (the homeowner’s) van, and hit the thief with a baseball bat. The homeowner is going to trial. The thief pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.

“Marshals, police nab city woman.” Twice she tried to run them down with her car, then started punching them.

Marietta man charged with raping child.” Needs no explanation.

U.S. call driving while distracted an ‘epidemic.’” Again no explanation needed.

I was beginning to think the SETI searchers (see 9/27 blog) should be trying to find signs of intelligent life on earth. Then I came across the following letter to the editor:

“Day of Caring volunteers energetic, inspiring.” This is a thank you letter to 3,100 local volunteers who took part in United Way of Lancaster’s 18th annual Day of Caring. Among many other things they weatherized the home of a local soldier, scrubbed graffiti off a park pavilion and prepared 1,300 sandwiches for a Thank You Picnic. It restored some of my hope for the human race.
As long as there are people like this, the SETI searchers can stay with their original objective.

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