Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chalk One Up For the Electronic Age

My doctor ordered a CT Scan because I was experiencing fatigue in my legs. When I got to the hospital for the Scan, they found that the doctor had ordered the it to be made with a dye injection. This was not on the original order,  consequently, I had to have a blood test prior to the scan in order to make sure my kidneys were working well enough to eliminate the dye afterwards. Fortunately they were.
But I didn’t know if my insurance would approve the extra blood test. A quick check with the hospital insurance office indicated that it would be OK with my particular insurance, although that is not true for all insurance companies. I think this was an extra test to be certain I would not have an excuse to sue for malpractice. There is a lot of that going around these days.
There is a big fuss going on regarding a health insurance overhaul. One of the arguments against covering more people is that health care would have to be rationed because of the huge influx of new people covered, which would cause a huge shortage of facilities.
But it is rationed now, not by the shortage of facilities, but by who can afford it. I have several vouchers for health care in my wallet – they have pictures of Jefferson, Hamilton and other founding fathers on them. Someone with coverage by some insurance companies could not have had the additional testing, or else they would have been stuck with a huge bill. And people with no coverage or money would have to forego the test altogether.
If one believes in the capitalist system, one would have to think that a shortage of facilities would eventually be remedied because the increased demand would lead to an increased supply. Although it would cause an initial disruption, particularly for those of us who have adequate coverage now, I am inclined to think that expanding and overhauling the system would be a smart move in the long run. And it would lead to a stronger nation.
It has long been a cliché that bad news makes one feel better than no news at all. And it’s true – the doctor called this morning with the results of the tests I underwent yesterday. Yesterday! We sometimes waited weeks for results when we lived in California.
Anyway, I was told I have peripheral vascular disease or PVD. (Sounds like a type of old-fashioned underwear).. Even though I don’t know what that is, although I suppose it has something to do with the blood vessels in my legs, I feel much better. Not in the legs, but in the head.
I need to look up what PVD entails, but in the meantime, he is faxing a prescription for a generic Zocor. I don’t have to call anyone or go anywhere to pick up my prescription – it will come in the mail. Ain't this electronic age wonderful!

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