Friday, September 11, 2009

Working Out

This morning the word came out at the Wellness Center that I am writing a book. Someone asked if I am writing about the people there, so I will (but not in the book).
I started going to a gym in 1982, when I was working at Caltar Data Forms. I arranged for all the employees to get a cut rate on the introductory fee. Since then I have been going three times a week – mostly. I believe that the workouts are healthful, but just as important is the camaraderie. I have met many interesting people, made some friends, even signed some new clients while I was in the tax business, and got some ideas for short stories.
One of the friends I met there had a heart attack – not while at the gym. He asked the doctor why he had an attack even though he worked out regularly. The doctor told him he would probably be dead if he hadn’t been working out. Who am I to argue with a doctor? He has since died of another heart attack (the friend - not the doctor).
Not all patrons of gyms are in it for the fun. The city gym in Cerritos, California, where Barbara and I both went after we retired, is frequented by people who are getting some exercise before going to work. Headphones, and I  suppose iPhones and other electronic devices are practically de rigueur. However, it was well equipped, inexpensive and close to home, so we persevered.
The people here at the Wellness Center are extremely friendly. I am fortunate in that during the time I am usually there I get to work out with a bevy of beautiful ladies in my age group. The lovely girls who work there have years to go before they develop the type of beauty possessed by their patrons. And they do understand that the patrons are older, and although they try to challenge them, they do so in a friendly, helpful way.
         It’s a good place to find out what is happening on the campus. Since none of the patrons are exactly overwhelmed with work, keeping  up with the latest happenings, also known as gossip, is very important. Besides, it’s fun. Ah, I do love the ladies.

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