Thursday, September 10, 2009

High School Class Breakfast

My high school class meets monthly for breakfast. I do not like to get up before 8:00, but I usually make an exception for this.
We used to meet at 9:00, then one of the classmates said we were wasting the whole day. For crying out loud, we are all retired! What else do we have to do?
So we decided to meet at 8:30. Wouldn’t you know it, the guy who didn’t want to waste the whole day doesn’t show up anymore.
I know at least two members who refuse to get up that early. They would both attend if the meeting were at 9:00. I am tempted to join their boycott.
At the first breakfast I went to after we moved back from California, some of the members had grown so old that they didn’t recognize me.
This month a classmate who lives in Florida showed up. We had not seen her since our reunion in 2006, so it was nice that she had an opportunity to visit with us.
At the alumni banquet when we graduated, there were a couple of ladies present who had been in the graduating class 50 years previous to ours. We could not get over how OLD they were. Now we are at least 10 years older than they were. Tempus fidgets.

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