Friday, March 26, 2010

The Founding Fathers Would Be Appalled

      When the Founding Fathers created the U.S Constitution, they did not agree on everything at the beginning. On the contrary, they discussed and argued and compromised for three and a half months. I believe that by so doing they set up a model for later generations of Americans to follow.
      Of all the many freedoms they enshrined in the document, freedom of speech was basic. They knew that controversial matters would come up in later years, and free discussion and open debate between citizens was the way to resolve them. As far as I know, not one of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention threatened, or even considered threatening, any of the others with whom he disagreed.
      We seem to have forgotten that principle. This morning the media is reporting that politicians who voted for the Healthcare plan are being pilloried. They have been called vile names, spat upon, threatened and even had their offices attacked and their families threatened.
      Rush Limbaugh has called for them to be “eliminated,” and Sarah Palin’s web site is showing a map with their districts in the crosshairs. It also lists their names. I can’t believe any political party hoped to put a person like this just a heart-beat away from the presidency.
      Does the “saner” Republican hierarchy do anything about these attacks? Well a few have said publicly that they do not believe in any such activity, and have called for the “tea party” members to find less sensational ways to vent their displeasure.
      But not all. Others have accused the Democrats of playing up these attacks for political reasons. How does one “play up” a death threat? I do not believe that whoever made the threat was playing anything – that person was serious, and he’s not alone.
      I love my country, but sometimes I am ashamed of what some of our citizens do. Am I wrong?
      PS – Rush Limbaugh said he would move to Costa Rica if healthcare reform passed. So long, Rush. (I wonder if he knows they have national healthcare there.)

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